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We pride ourselves in our abiity to provide ongoing training to all of our guards in all areas of their duties.

All Desert Eagle Security Guards attend Pre-Employment (Pre-assignment) Basic Security Guard Training for a minimum of 16 hours, including specialized report writing & defensive baton and handcuffing techniques.

Each guard must be certified by the state before beginning any work on a site. This certification is accompanied with a stringent criminal background check as well as drug testing prior to employment.

In order to ensure our guards are at their best, they are required to submit to an annual physical exams to assure they can meet the physical demands and potential hazards of guard duty.


A recognized security guard company in continuously exceeding the standard for training and quality, it's our valued officers who make the difference. Professionalism is the key to our success.

  • Dependable Security Post Coverage
  • Highly Trained Security Guards
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Government Contractor Transitions
  • Experienced Management Team

Our guards become part of the customer’s team.  Seamless integration into a customer’s environment ensures minimal workflow interruptions and maximizes security potential.

We have extremely high standards which our customers have come to expect.

We employ a high supervisor to guard ratio.

We are able to immediately respond to emergency situations and maintain a contingency plan for each location.